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Monday, February 05, 2007 by Salman Siddiqui

There are many articles for the above topic over the internet. They teach you all what is necessary for a new blogger. But once again the problem is that every thing is scattered. Here is CompuWorld's attempt to provide you with a set of complete HOW TO's for new bloggers.

When to blog? What to blog? Where to blog? These and many more are the questions which kill a new blogger. Our attempt here is to introduce you with the paths which a new blogger may follow if he/she wants to blog. The platforms which can be used, comparing there characteristics and then at the end suggesting you the path which our experience says is the easiest for the new blogger.

When to blog?
Do you feel bored up while reading large English contents? You have difficulty in understanding English sentences? Are you a lazy bug? You do not have easy access to internet? You do not get free time out of your daily routines?

If the answer to above questions and many such related ones is "Yes" then you need to wait. You need to develop the habit of reading. Surfing the internet for hours. Notice that I have mentioned that you should get time out of your daily works. That includes your job which you do. As my experience will never suggest you to take up blogging as your carrier unless you know the do's and dont's of blogging. You need to gain experience out here first.

Are you a student?
If yes then you need to know your targets. You need to differentiate between your future and blogging. You need to have time out of your daily routines. You need to know that yes you want to blog. "You need to be a hardworker".

Are you doing some job or you are a businessman?
You need to know if you have time for blogging? You really need to have the passion? If you want to switch as a full time blogger then first wait. Blog along with your work. See how it develops. When you start "feeling" the charm of extra work which blogging requires then think of being a full time blogger. But be secure first. Let your blog gain some fame.

Are you house wife?
Bonzai! You got all kinds of time you need. Now you need to know what to actually blog?

What to blog?
What is your passion? It is not necessary that your carrier is your passion. You like to watch T.V. shows, soap operas, like to read novels, love to keep in touch with the technology. Then go for it. Start writing.

Anything which clicks your brain is what you should write about in your blog. Read what you write many times. You will know if that was correct. Be unique, be different, if the content is old add your ideas to it, your thoughts. They will make others feel what you want to say. Hardwork and patience will never let you down.

Where to gather the content?
WWW! The ultimate place. We will have a long discussion on this topic in our later posts. Be patient.

Where to blog?
Your mind is set. Ready to hit the internet. Then its time to know about the blogging platforms available, and the ones which are best suited for you. We will explain the step by step things necessary for choosing the correct platform.

Answer these first...
Click here to read about different blogging platforms and the one suitable for you.

Note: By no means this post is the complete guide for those new to blogging and as this post goes older it might be necessary to add your own experiences to it too. So we request you to leave your comments for improvement of this post. But yes we assure you that it is a summary of content available over the internet.

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WEB 2.0, Is It Really Happening?

Sunday, December 10, 2006 by Salman Siddiqui

[Image from Wikipedia]

Is the Web 2.0 really evolving? Below are given statistics from top 10000 websites listed in Alexa.(Take it real…it is Alexa and it is an analysis) I do not know who Yvo Schaap is, just happened to get into his website while surfing the Internet. But the stuff seams cool, so felt like sharing with you.

  1. 10% are adult sites. The reach of these is 5%. Who knows what the other not listed in top 10000 serve. Now you say if porn is dominating the web.
  2. USA owns 44% of sites. Europeans 16%. China 9%. But in reach Europe is 7% against Chinese having 9%. So it is all about US yet.
  3. 55% websites are in English with second place for Chinese and third for Spanish. Arabic hold a respectable 3.3%. So English is the language of Internetnt d slang ver tho.”
  4. California has 37% reach and it owns 7% websites of all the 10000 listed in Alexa.Washington has 22% reach. So Silicon Valley is still the Game
  5. Geocities.com has PageRank of 10/10 as it has 8 times more incoming links then google.com(2nd). So link building might not be very hip(but it is for the smaller not so famous websites) and trendy as you would expect.
  6. Google actually has the biggest reach (9%) if you add all 72 local domains together. In number of views Google loses from Yahoo! that has 12% (!) of the total views. (Damn you, Yahoo! Games)
  7. 6% of websites contain Goooooogle ads. That is a 55% reach of all advertising networks identified.
Has The Web 2.0 Evolved Yet?

Web 2.0 is hard to measure (Maybe because it doesn’t exist). But I’ve tried by location RSS feeds and stylesheets. And the results are actually quite surprising. 10% of all the homepages provide an RSS feed (If people actually use these RSS feed is of course a different analysis).

And 58% use stylesheets on their homepage for layout.So we may say that there is some evolution taking place.....I Guess.

Web 2.0 At Amazon

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Google's Talent May Be Headed Out The Door

Friday, December 08, 2006 by Salman Siddiqui

Google's famous for hiring the best and the brightest, but when they get bored, they're bound to create the son-of-Google, warns Fortune's Jeffrey O'Brien.

Seeing that I was unimpressed by the observation, Kraus grew more insistent. "Ten days in a new job and you don't meet anyone who's dumb? That's weird," he said.

Kraus meant it as a compliment for his new colleagues and to his new employer. Every company wants to hire the smartest people possible, and Google has clearly succeeded. But you know what you get when you get too many smart people in one room? You get the corporate equivalent of the U.S. Olympic basketball team.

And now with the up and down in the GOOG stocks, Google sure will have to ease the process of hiring cream. You cannot hire the best to hold the camera for a group photograph! And as the cream in Google keeps NO job up to there expectations they are surely gonnna create son-of-Google.

Armed with seven-figure bank accounts and professional networks of dozens of other equally brilliant and rich new friends, those frustrated Googlers are bound to set out on their own and ignite a son-of-Google wave of innovation. If a company the size of PayPal can kick off a second wave that includes LinkedIn, Slide, Yelp, YouTube, Clarium Capital, and Room 9 Entertainment, among others, the sons-of-Google wave should be a world-changer.

Google At Amazon

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Source: cnn money
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Where Does Google Get All The Gmail Hard Drive Space

by Salman Siddiqui

Secret Solved! Above is shown a representation of where does Google get all the space it is providing to its users. The image shows a funny representation of the earth as the Hard Disk :)

Gmail At Amazon

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Source: geekculture
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Spam Doubles

Wednesday, December 06, 2006 by Salman Siddiqui

It wasn’t supposed to turn out this way. Three years ago, Bill Gates, Microsoft’s chairman, made an audacious prediction: the problem of junk e-mail, he said, “will be solved by 2006.” And for a time, there were signs that he was going to be proved right.

Much of that flood is made up of a nettlesome new breed of junk e-mail called image spam, in which the words of the advertisement are part of a picture, often fooling traditional spam detectors that look for telltale phrases.

Spams are back. I personally saw a rise in spams in my mail box. Looks like the sites which promise to not to reveal your email to the public do it willingly. Else why would someone send me image spam informing about the latest viagra rates?

“At the beginning of the year spam was off our radar,” said Franklin Warlick, senior messaging systems administrator at Cox Communications in Atlanta.

“Now employees are stopping us in the halls to ask us if we turned off our spam filter,” Mr. Warlick said.

Spam At Amazon

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Linux Isn't Just For Grownups Anymore

by Salman Siddiqui

Linux is running and who could be better idea to promote it rather than the future of the planet, kids! Its free and its similar when it comes to GUI. That is what the kids look for.
In about a year, through a public school grant program, State of Indiana education officials have moved at least 22,000 students from Windows-based desktops to Linux-based desktops.
Xandros Professional 4 lists for $99, versus anticipated Windows Vista pricing of $199. But Google Docs and OpenOffice are free, Firefox just works, and with Skype for Linux and sites like Meebo.com -- which offers free, web-based instant messaging on all the big services -- communication applications are free and completely available on Linux. (I'm sure there will be a point where I just get my daughter a Skype account instead of letting her tie up the home phone line talking to her friends after school.)
Vista is gonna face bumpy roads ahead!

Linux At Amazon

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Source: crn
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You Witness News And Be The Publisher Under Yahoo

by Salman Siddiqui

Excited? Me too! Yahoo has another innovation for you. Be the journalist yourself. Under this new invention of Yahoo you can see your news get published under Yahoo News, the worlds best news website. They even teach you how to get good videos created. And lots of more exciting stuff. Looks like Yahoo is not going to give it up easily. Alarm bell for Google again.

Get to website here

Yahoo News At Amazon

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Another NASA Hacker Indicted

Monday, December 04, 2006 by Salman Siddiqui

It happened in 2001-02 and its happened again. Then, it was the UK hacker Gary McKinnon. He was later extradited to US.

Now its a Romanian man who was indicted Thursday for allegedly breaking into more than 150 U.S. government computers. Victor Faur, 26, lead a "White Hat Team" to hack into the computers as they are said to be the most secure around the world.

"After hacking into and taking control of the government computers, Faur allegedly caused the compromised machines to display screens that flaunted the computer intrusion," the U.S. Attorney's Office said.

Faur is charged with conspiracy and nine counts of computer intrusion. If convicted of all counts, he faces up to 54 years in federal prison, the prosecutors said.

The breached computers were used to collect and process data from spacecraft. Because of the break-ins, systems had to be rebuilt and scientists and engineers had to manually communicate with spacecraft, resulting in $1.36 million in losses for NASA and nearly $100,000 in losses for the Energy Department and the Navy, prosecutors said.
Seems like everyone has been busy hacking while I was busy blogging!

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Microsoft Promises Surprises for Windows Vista Before January

by Salman Siddiqui

“Now that businesses have access to Windows Vista and 2007 Office System, we've only just begun. I've said it before and I'll say it again: when it comes to the consumer market launch of these two products, stay on your toes, as we've got some amazing things in store for you between now and the end of January,” said Nick White, a Product Manager at Microsoft working on the Windows Vista launch team.

“Time is sort of a funny thing,” stated Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. “You need to give new technologies time to incubate before you try to bring them together. Let each technology come to market individually and then do the integration.”
The wait is already been hyped a lot and now the talk of many surprises is gonna make it chillier!

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Google Googled!

Sunday, December 03, 2006 by Salman Siddiqui

Google Answers is one of the oldest services at Google right now, however it never really gained traction over the years. Some wonder why it wasn't successful — the answer? It was Googled.

I don't mean it was "Googled" as in "searched for", but "out-done by another company by making it better and free". Who Googled Google Answers? Yahoo! Google's service was launched in April of 2002 and had over 800 participants during its life.

On December 8th of 2005, Yahoo answered by launching their own "Yahoo Answers". They made it better and free. Does that sound familiar? The cost of Yahoo's service probably helped spur the viral effect that gave it some traction.

Just today, Google announced Google Answers will be closing by year's end. It turns out Google can be Googled.

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Source: zdnet
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