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u tHiNk u kNOw mE???

Saturday, October 07, 2006 by Salman Siddiqui

ahm...At the time of writing this I am, 21 years old. So rather too old to call myself newbie, but that's how it had to start I guess. Practically I am 1 year old in WWW and 2 years old in the world of these computers (that is when I had access to these at my home). Into my 3rd year of engineering (hope that spelling isn't wrong) It feels like its time to get into the real world, and start pocketing things into my brain. And hey I guess this blog is going to help a lot many newbies too....Except blogging, currently I know a lot many things man!


Enough for now...let me start updating things...

Start writing friends...this can be better than scraps!!!

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“u tHiNk u kNOw mE???”

  1. Blogger Deepak Says:

    the thing u have r absolutely right. i m favour of u.when i m in technical world i m thinking that i came a new world but i m not astonished.i m trying day by day to make this new world my known world.

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