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French Parliament migrates to Linux

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 by Salman Siddiqui

Micro$oft may not be happy at this. After major public institutions and government agencies in France already adopting Linux and Apache on the server side, the government is also giving thought to switching to Linux. This increments on the list of proofs that's GUI of Linux OS's is as good as Windows. May be MS is pouncing on many major IT companies using its fame and power but open source is a "major issue!"

The French government plans to install the Linux operating system on 1,154 desktop computer workstations in its Parliament. Citing "substantial savings despite the migration and training costs," and a desire to avoid too much dependence on a single vendor, the French National Assembly's decision is based largely on the results of a recent study conducted by tech consulting company Atos Origin.
But sometimes Linux migration isn't that easy every time...

Unfortunately, not every Linux migration has a happy ending. The Birmingham City Council in the UK recently terminated its own Linux migration program after deploying the operating system on only 200 of the 1,500 desktop computers initially planned. According to participants in the Birmingham project, the migration failed because the government didn't have enough expertise to establish an effective Linux deployment program. Calling the Birmingham migration "an unbelievable cock-up," NetProject consultant Eddie Bleasdale, who was involved with the project in its early stages, says that the Birmingham government "decided to do it all themselves, without expertise in the area."
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Source: arstechnica
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“French Parliament migrates to Linux”

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