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Panasonic to Show Your Mood to Everyone

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 by Salman Siddiqui

Now people will be able to guess if you are talking to your girl friend or to your boss on the phone. Panasonic is planning to show your mood on the front screen of the P720iD clamshell cell phone while you do the talking. They will be doing this with some kind of color codes. Unfortunately you will not be able to see what your mobile is showing to others. Time for some to enjoy and some to "avoid Panasonic".

Considering the fact that the actual displaying of your mood is done after the phone has analyzed the tone and patterns of your voice after beginning a conversation, one is forced to draw the conclusion that he won't be able to see what the “Feel Talk” technology doing all that complex stuff has decided to tell everybody about you because the mentioned LED will be facing outward from your ear. Maybe we don't have the necessary skills to do that or they’ve already thought of this aspect and will leave the user discover what everyone else already saw after the phone call has ended.
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“Panasonic to Show Your Mood to Everyone”

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