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Yahoo into food business!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 by Salman Siddiqui

In the wake of Google’s recent purchase of Youtube, lauded by analysts as a brilliant move in furthering Google’s control over internet media, Yahoo has come up with its own idea: Yahoo! Food. What exactly are they thinking?

Yahoo has been under a lot of pressure from investors as its share of the search market slips more and more each quarter, contributing to a plummeting stock price that is already down 34% this year. How a food site will compensate for Yahoo’s deficit in its core function – search – is a mystery.

“People go to Yahoo for four things: search, news, e-mail, and finance” says search engine analyst Evan Bailyn. “Cooking recipes aren’t one of those things. And even if Yahoo has somehow hit upon something big with this food site, you know Google will just come out with a better version in six months."

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“Yahoo into food business!”

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