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Google's Talent May Be Headed Out The Door

Friday, December 08, 2006 by Salman Siddiqui

Google's famous for hiring the best and the brightest, but when they get bored, they're bound to create the son-of-Google, warns Fortune's Jeffrey O'Brien.

Seeing that I was unimpressed by the observation, Kraus grew more insistent. "Ten days in a new job and you don't meet anyone who's dumb? That's weird," he said.

Kraus meant it as a compliment for his new colleagues and to his new employer. Every company wants to hire the smartest people possible, and Google has clearly succeeded. But you know what you get when you get too many smart people in one room? You get the corporate equivalent of the U.S. Olympic basketball team.

And now with the up and down in the GOOG stocks, Google sure will have to ease the process of hiring cream. You cannot hire the best to hold the camera for a group photograph! And as the cream in Google keeps NO job up to there expectations they are surely gonnna create son-of-Google.

Armed with seven-figure bank accounts and professional networks of dozens of other equally brilliant and rich new friends, those frustrated Googlers are bound to set out on their own and ignite a son-of-Google wave of innovation. If a company the size of PayPal can kick off a second wave that includes LinkedIn, Slide, Yelp, YouTube, Clarium Capital, and Room 9 Entertainment, among others, the sons-of-Google wave should be a world-changer.

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“Google's Talent May Be Headed Out The Door”

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