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New IP Network Solutions from Nokia

Saturday, December 02, 2006 by Salman Siddiqui

The Nokia Communication Suite provides consumers and business users with software that turns their PCs into softphones for accessing a wide range of "Rich Call" services over broadband connections - but with the added simplicity of using only one online identity and one billing account. The solution allows operators to offer seamless services across their fixed broadband and 3G mobile broadband networks, bridging these two domains.

Thanks to IP, Rich Calls can include Voice over IP (VoIP) calls, Video Sharing, video calls, instant messaging, presence, file sharing, and other multimedia services. With the Nokia Communication Suite, users can make and receive VoIP calls and other Rich Calls from their PCs using their existing mobile number. Calls to their mobile number can be answered with either their mobile or PC softphone.

The solution, which uses the Nokia Unified Core Network to process, connect and charge for the calls, will be demonstrated at Nokia World November 29 - 30 and is available for sale to operators next month.

"Nokia is embracing the vision of telecommunications that IP is making possible," says Roberto Loiola, Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Networks, Nokia. "Voice over IP is already a fact of life for many consumers around the world, giving them more opportunities to keep in touch in novel and economical ways. The use of broadband Internet access for voice communication is here to stay, and Nokia recognizes that traditional operators - both mobile and fixed - can swim in these waters as well."
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“New IP Network Solutions from Nokia”

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